Notes: Day 5

स्वावासगुहां स्वस्याः आवासगुहां, the cave that was her abode

वल्कलशयन bed or couch made of tree bark

विन्यस्त put down or placed

सपर्या worship, homage, adoration

प्रश्रय humility, modesty, deference

परिप्रछ् to interrogate, to inquire about something

किन्नरमिथुनानुसरणप्रसङ्गेन किन्नरमिथुनस्य अनुसरणप्रसङ्गेन, on the occasion of following the kinnara couple

समाचचक्षे सम्, आ, चक्ष्, लिट (आत्मनेपद), to relate fully, to tell, to report

भिक्षाकपालं begging bowl

भाजन receptacle

आपूर्यत was filled

नियुक्तवती requested, commanded

उपयोग enjoyment, consuming, here it means to taste

नास्ति खलु असाध्यं नाम तपसाम् there was nothing that can not be achieved by penance

निर्झर mountain stream, waterfall, cataract

प्रस्रवण waterfall, spring

उपस्पृश्य having performed

अवतस्थे अव,स्था,लिट्,प्र,ए(आत्मने), remained

निभृतम् quietly

विस्रब्धम् leisurely

मरुताम् देवानाम्

नवे वयसि In fresh youth

अधिवससि वससि

अभिहिता – told

दक्षस्य अतिप्रभूतानां कन्यकानां मध्ये among the many daughters of Daksha

सोममयूखसंभवादप्सरकुलात् from the family of Apsaras born of the rays of the moon

विगतलक्षणाः possessing no auspicious marks

कलं मधुरं च प्रलपितुं शीलमस्याः इति कलमधुरप्रलापिनी – one who prattles sweetly and indistinctly

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