Notes: Day 4

आसाद्य having reached

अवतीर्य having got down

व्यपनीत removed

पर्याण saddle

खलीन bridle

क्षितितललुठितोत्थितं क्षितितले लुठितं तत् पश्चात् उत्थितं

लुठ् to wallow, to roll down from

क्षितितल surface of the earth, ground

यवस grass

ग्रास mouthful

अवतार्य ल्यबन्त of तृ (तर) णिजन्त with अव, having caused to get down

शृङ्खला chain

कृपाणिका sword, dagger

अवलूनान् cut, severed, reaped, gathered, लू (लुनाति) to cut (he cuts)

दूर्वाकबलान् morsels of Durva grass

प्रक्षालित washed, cleansed, expiated

प्रक्षालितपाणि, प्रक्षालितपाद having one’s hands (feet) washed

मृणाल lotus fiber, fiber attached to the stalk of a water lily

शकलानि bits

उदगात् उत्+इ, लुङ्, प्र, ए

प्रत्यग्रभग्न freshly plucked

पलाश petal, foliage

परिक्षिप् encircle, surround, embrace

स्रस्तर bed, couch

आस्तीर्य having spread, arranged

निषसाद नि, सद्, लिट्, प्र, ए, to sit, lie down, or rest upon

समुच्चर – going or coming forth

झाङ्कार low murmuring, jingling, clanking

श्रुतिसुभग delightful to the ears

प्रभवः source

संभूति origin

दत्तपर्याण saddled

सरणी path

संप्रतस्थे सम्,प्र,स्था (आत्मनेपद)

शून्यः empty, deserted

आयतन home, abode, seat, resting place

चतुर्मुख here refers to a 4-faced icon of Siva. For a picture, click here.

चराचरगुरुः चराणां अचराणां च गुरुः, here refers to Siva

त्र्यम्बक Siva, one with 3 eyes

दक्षिणामूर्ति form of Siva facing south; form well known as the giver of the knowledge of Brahman to Sanaka and other sages. For a picture, click here

अभिमुखं facing

प्रतिपन्न undertaken

अवदात clear, blameless, white

योषित् woman

अनिमेषपक्ष्मणा with unblinking eyes

अनुवव्राज अनु,व्रज्,लिट्,प्र,ए, to follow

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